Course curriculum

    1. Why do Business with the Government?

    2. What are Certifications? How can they help my Business?

    3. The Three Step Roadmap to Winning Government Contracts

    4. Which Certification is Best for Me?

    5. What are the Qualifications for Small Business Certifications?

    6. From $0 to $1 Million in Two Months

    7. Ground Zero - This is Where it all Starts!

    8. A Common Small Business Certification Tripwire

    9. How To Market to the Government Part 1: Finding Government Customers

    10. How To Market to the Government Part 2: Developing a Succesful Marketing Strategy

    11. How To Market to the Government Part 3: The Players within The Government

    12. Negotiating for Success Part 1

    13. Negotiating for Success Part 2

    14. Negotiating for Success Part 3

    15. 5 Reasons to Pursue Multiple Award Contracts

    16. 3 Ways to Tell if a Solicitation on SAM is Wired to Another Company

    17. The Certification Available to Every Small Business

    18. 2 Key Requirements for Every Small Business Certification

    19. Attention IT and Tech firms - POLARIS RFP out 2022

    20. Demystifying Business Plans

    21. Intro to Government Solicitations and Proposals

    22. Your Most Valuable Asset

    23. Do I Qualify for Small Business Set Aside Programs?

    24. Big News About SDB Goals

    25. The Fast Lane to Small Business Growth

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